Feature: Q&A with (ME!!) Kristen Lem, Author of ‘Haiku To Fall In Love To’

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Holy cannoli ! It’s the official launch of my book and I can’t thank Modern Chic Magazine and Jennifer R. Luna enough for their support for me and my book   

We love supporting amazing Girlbosses, so we are launching a whole new series called GirlBoss Featured, which highlights some incredible, inspiring gals who are just killing the game. And what better way to open up the series than with with our friend, contributor and now author, Kristen Lem. We recently sat down with Kristen to talk about her new book, “Haiku To Fall In Love To”, set to launch in June.

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Article: How to Date Multiple People the Smart Way

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I’m back again with the guys over at Talk Thirty To Me giving you a female’s perspective on how to date multiple people. Give it a read and then get out there (and have fun!) 💃🏻

Along with all of the positive feedback on my last article Dating in Your 30s: Why You Should Date “More Than One” to Find “The One”, I also got the repeat question:

So how do you find the time to date multiple people at at a time?


Actually, it went more like this:

That’s what I have to do to get a boyfriend/girlfriend?  I don’t have time for that.  Forget it, I’m just going to be single.


I’m not letting you off that easy.  Firstly, there is nothing wrong with being single, but if you’ve decided you do want a partner – a GOOD partner (one that is honest, respectful, consistent and compatible) – then you’ll need to put forth some effort.  Nothing amazing ever happened by sitting on your ass.  That being said, it doesn’t have to take over your life and there is a smart, effective way to go about it.  For starters:

Get out there.

I don’t mean in the Trader Joe’s near the fake meat – that’s a fucking myth.  Your first criteria for dating is availability, so be where the single people are.  Some good places are: online, Meetup.com, singles events, speed dating.  Get over your romantic attachment to a fated chance encounter. I’m telling you how to date effectively, and I’m also telling you it is waste of time to look for love in inconspicuous places.  You wouldn’t go to a Chinese restaurant for Mexican food, would you?

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Listen: Natalie Obando on Secret Library Podcast

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A lot of you who read my blog are also writers and have likely considered writing a book.  Having been through the publishing process, coming out with my first book in June 2017, I can’t express enough how important it’s been to surround yourself with people “who get it” and what you’re doing.

I’ve been so incredibly grateful to have this smart and insightful woman, Natalie Obando, and the team at Do Good Public Relations behind me.

For anyone who is a writer and apprehensive about the publishing process, getting PR for your work, or simply scared of criticism – have a listen to Natalie’s interview on The Book Dr. PodcastShe makes it less of a horror story and more about how important it is to get your creativity out there.