Artist Feature: Rein

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Art / Music

Rein is a talented modern calligrapher from the Philippines.  She also apparently likes the Beatles.  Collaboration coming soon.

Interests – My love for lettering started when I was in my second year of high school in the Philippines. I did not know at first that what I was doing was calligraphy.  I just knew I loved doodling words and writing cursive letters on the back of my notes. Then through social media, I stumbled upon calligraphy and typography, and was instantly interested. I started formal calligraphy last year through self-study, and just earlier this year, I attended a workshop that really improved my skills.

Inspirations – My main inspirations would be my family. Having been born into a family of artists, I share the same passion as them. Ever since I was young, I was exposed to art and design. Our house was filled with my father’s doodles, my brother’s drawings, and my sister’s paintings. Me, I would cut papers and envelopes and turn them into purses. I would fill notebooks with drawings of clothes and decorate our rooms with my do-it-yourself’s. I was not a very good of an artist from the start, but then, I could not imagine myself doing anything else. At present, I am an Interior Design student, learning and improving more everyday (:

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