Month: January 2016

Liebster Award

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I really love short and sweet poetry and this blog is full of those! I find it remarkable how Kristen can take a feeling and capture it in such a few words. Very cool blog, check it out (especially if you like poetry)! –Vitasta Chari Much love and thanks to Vitasta Chari for his kind words and nominating my blog for a Liebster Award. His writing is intelligent, raw, and you can read it here. […]

Did it Happen?

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Original Poetry

The words don’t come in a beach house or by a lake. They come between heart break and burnt bridges burnt lists of things I hated about you and loved about you And bottles of wine One two years we spent together lying in bed lying to each other about feelings felt and never expressed. Yes, I said “yes” and so did you. But did we ever say “love” ? Did we ever say “intimacy” […]

Come Home

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Music / Original Poetry

And still those nights when I’m working painting writing creating, I listen to R&B because that’s what was on when I was waiting for you to come home. Music Soul Child, Eric Benet, Babyface, Jagged Edge, Keith Martin. They sang my waiting heart for you to come home. To my arms, open but scared to love you because maybe you were open but scared to love me. You said you did and then you said […]