Month: May 2016

Mean Girls

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Original Poetry

“I don’t even know why she still talks to him” behind my back even though I encouraged you to face your HIM, so that you could move on like I did, like I will “date anyone with a pulse” is what you told someone about me and you, one-on-one it’s better it’s real it’s honestly why do you bring me down? is it so you’re not alone? because you’ve been alone for so long I […]

5 Things Every Ambitious Woman Learns When She Starts Her Own Business

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women who work

Taking a break from poetry and been working on some longer pieces. Wanted to put these out there and see how you receive them. Feel free to comment (and let me know what you’d like to less or more of). Thanks all for sticking with me!   (Original Post on Thought Catalog) This is not about how to #girlboss your business and make it big. Because I don’t know how. I am a female entrepreneur feeling her […]