Month: June 2016

Kimono Dreams

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100 kimono project 1

Earlier this month, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the 100 Kimono Project, a counter-protest to the shut-down of “Kimono Wednesday”, an exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Art.  These shots were done by the talented team of Kaz Matamura and Michael Helms. Let us not be so quick to say “fetish” and “my culture is not your costume.” A society living in fear of offending, lives also in fear of expression. Let […]

Meep! I’m on Bustle!

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resting nice face bustle

Thank you Bustle for being my first paid piece! Friends and “serious writers” have called you “stupid”, but truth, my editor Gaby Moss was great. She made my story better and kept my voice. You pay your writers. And I’d do it again.  Here it is below: When the term “resting bitch face” had its cultural moment, I laughed along. But could never really relate, because I have always had the opposite problem: Resting Nice […]

Literary Lion Challenge: Boys

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literary lion challenge boys

The Challenge:  From the literary visionary, Laura Gabrielle Feasey (of I Smith Words), one-hundred words or less on the topic … BOYS.  More on the #LiteraryLion (and links to other stories in the comments here).  Here’s mine: “He’s cute, funny, and nice.  Who do you expect to get anyway?” Fuck, am I too picky? A potential set up from a girl friend quickly turned my high standards into low self esteem.  It wasn’t until I ran […]