Literary Lion Challenge: Boys

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literary lion challenge boys

The Challenge:  From the literary visionary, Laura Gabrielle Feasey (of I Smith Words), one-hundred words or less on the topic … BOYS.  More on the #LiteraryLion (and links to other stories in the comments here).  Here’s mine:

“He’s cute, funny, and nice.  Who do you expect to get anyway?”

Fuck, am I too picky?

A potential set up from a girl friend quickly turned my high standards into low self esteem.  It wasn’t until I ran into both of my exes on the same day that I learned the path to self-love is sometimes paved with old love.  Their advice:

“It’s like Orlando Bloom.  You don’t think he’s hot but a lot of people do.  Also, Miranda Kerr is hot.”

“You’re Ali Wong.  Let’s look up Ali Wong.  Your guy should be like her guy.”



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