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Haiku / Original / Original Poetry

Maybe your name is on a wall and mine’s unknown, but we do both give. I met a guy once who said it was really important that the woman he dates volunteers in some capacity. It was an understandable quality to look for – certainly an admirable one – and it had me reflecting on my own benevolence. Though grateful for my time on organized Habitat-for-Humanity type trips and Christmas time food drives, those experiences […]

I’m back!

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Online anyway. I’ve been in New York working on the sequel to Haiku To Fall in Love To, and after a substantial adjustment period, am back on the haiku train.   Thanks all for your patience. Some of you have asked if the next book will be longer and the answer is YES!  I’ll leave the rest as a surprise, but do keep checking in for updates.  We are planning for release Summer 2018. Here’s a […]