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Listen: Natalie Obando on Secret Library Podcast

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A lot of you who read my blog are also writers and have likely considered writing a book.  Having been through the publishing process, coming out with my first book in June 2017, I can’t express enough how important it’s been to surround yourself with people “who get it” and what you’re doing. I’ve been so incredibly grateful to have this smart and insightful woman, Natalie Obando, and the team at Do Good Public Relations behind […]

Not usually this syrupy…

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… but I wrote this as a warmup for a Meetup at the Hatchery Press. If you find yourself in Los Angeles, this is a gem of a place for poets and writers. You are my vanilla icecream in a root beer float, classic, sweet, you never go out of style. You are my flamingo, a pink diamond in a sea of palm trees. You are my red rose in a jar of water, the […]

Mystery Blogger Award 2016

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Thank you so much to motivationally titled Write Ally! Write! for nominating me. My favorite by her is Where His Filthy Mind Resides  – but she’s got many others. My answers for you Ally: 1. Why do you want to blog? Because writing is cheaper than therapy. 2. Who inspires you the most? Honestly, the writers I find on blogs and social media, putting their words out there every day. Poetry is very personal. It’s like […]

Kimono Dreams

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100 kimono project 1

Earlier this month, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the 100 Kimono Project, a counter-protest to the shut-down of “Kimono Wednesday”, an exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Art.  These shots were done by the talented team of Kaz Matamura and Michael Helms. Let us not be so quick to say “fetish” and “my culture is not your costume.” A society living in fear of offending, lives also in fear of expression. Let […]