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Meep! I’m on Bustle!

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Thank you Bustle for being my first paid piece! Friends and “serious writers” have called you “stupid”, but truth, my editor Gaby Moss was great. She made my story better and kept my voice. You pay your writers. And I’d do it again.  Here it is below: When the term “resting bitch face” had its cultural moment, I laughed along. But could never really relate, because I have always had the opposite problem: Resting Nice […]

5 Things Every Ambitious Woman Learns When She Starts Her Own Business

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women who work

Taking a break from poetry and been working on some longer pieces. Wanted to put these out there and see how you receive them. Feel free to comment (and let me know what you’d like to less or more of). Thanks all for sticking with me!   (Original Post on Thought Catalog) This is not about how to #girlboss your business and make it big. Because I don’t know how. I am a female entrepreneur feeling her […]

I wrote an article on Medium

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Adulthood is The Loneliest Place By the time we’ve reached our 30s, most of us have acquired a certain amount of wisdom. If you’ve done it right, you’ve found the value of having a few friends in their 20s, allowing you to feel young and old at the same time. In your 20s, you get a pass on everything. Drinking too much, figuring things out, living at home, not renewing your license, racking up debt, […]