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To Make: Egg + Banana Pancakes

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egg banana pancakes

Because I take crack in my coffee around the holidays. Makes 6 pancakes -1 banana -2 eggs Mash banana. Scramble eggs separately and add to banana. Mix so it’s like lumpy batter.  I added 1/8 teaspoon vanilla and dash of cinnamon. Cook pancakes in butter to size you like. FLIP SLOW. Add your favorite pancake goodies. Shredded coconut and maple syrup here.

Food Corn

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brazil bowl coconut rice beans tofu kale vegan vegetarian

Late night attempt to replicate Barrio Star Brazil bowl. Coconut Rice:  Follow directions to cook Brown Basamati Rice (Trader Joes) using half water / half coconut milk.  Stir in coconut oil to coat when rice is done and still hot. Kale and Onions:  Sautee onions in olive oil.  Throw in kale.  Coat with oil and incorporate with onions.  Add a few tablespoons of water allowing kale to wilt.  Add any other veggies  Season with salt and […]

Lazy Girl Chili

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lazy girl chili recipe

– Morning Star Veggie Crumbles – 1 can garlic diced tomatoes – 1 can beans (tri-blend) – 1 small can corn – Greek Yogurt (optional) 1.  Cook Morning Star Crumbles according to package. 2.  Combine diced tomatoes + beans + corn. 3.  Simmer 10 mins. 4. Add crumbles. 5. Simmer additional 10 mins. 6. Serve with dollop greek yogurt.