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Article: Don’t Play Hard to Get, Play Honest

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dont play hard to get play honest

Super late in posting this article for Modern Chic Mag that I wrote back in January.  Hope you all will enjoy and continue to love honestly. Don’t Play Hard to Get, Play Honest As someone who’s followed my heart, worn it on my sleeve, and had it broken many times, I get a lot of dating advice. In fact, it’s pervasive, especially since I’m “still single.” Though well-intentioned, I can’t help but feel ashamed for […]

Not usually this syrupy…

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… but I wrote this as a warmup for a Meetup at the Hatchery Press. If you find yourself in Los Angeles, this is a gem of a place for poets and writers. You are my vanilla icecream in a root beer float, classic, sweet, you never go out of style. You are my flamingo, a pink diamond in a sea of palm trees. You are my red rose in a jar of water, the […]

Meep! I’m on Bustle!

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resting nice face bustle

Thank you Bustle for being my first paid piece! Friends and “serious writers” have called you “stupid”, but truth, my editor Gaby Moss was great. She made my story better and kept my voice. You pay your writers. And I’d do it again.  Here it is below: When the term “resting bitch face” had its cultural moment, I laughed along. But could never really relate, because I have always had the opposite problem: Resting Nice […]